Full Quadrant Integral practice

Brenda MacMillan is the principal of Full Quadrant and Memeworks, entitles that through various stakeholder-group facilitations, core-team workshops, and individual coaching transfers existing competence, intelligences and ideas to effectively plan and implement change, development and personal awareness.

Change starts with an idea. Full Quadrant uses a trade marked tool-kit to install and run concepts and solutions successfully.

And we can train you to use these tools yourself.

Key to the process of turning intent into a working plan is the initial consultation with a person.

Brenda employs a straightforward, unique process to engage and align you around a common purpose, identifying the separate tasks required, mitigating the risks and opportunities that are apparent, or become apparent, together with the time and effort required to implement the effective steps necessary to reach and find completion. ~ also, knowing when you are done.

Facilitation, by definition, means making a process easier or assisting in a journey.

We map the territory through which you must travel to reach your goal.

Beginning with an articulated goal and a shared understanding of success, and ending with the final tasks required to complete the work, we engage the tacit knowledge to plan the route.

Our team have been involved in this type of facilitation in a very diverse range of projects, from large commercial enterprises, advances education initiatives, governmental push and pull, affordable housing, clean global water filters, and the mentorship of young people.

As facilitators we orchestrate your material with our broad knowledge base of applications. Through a cross-cultural sharing, between diverse activities, each personal facilitation process benefits from those that have gone before.

Our commitment is to establishing highly effective result-oriented people, teams and communities.

Brenda, whose advanced education is in the area of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, has worked with businesses in over 80 industries from high end corporate to small intimate groups committed to making a difference in the human condition.

Brenda’s passion is found in facilitation of and assisting people to become the best they can be, together as a group or company, or as an individual citizen of the world.

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