Wake Up Live: Moments of Inspiration

Wake Up Moments of Inspiration is a collection of inspiring stories sure to fuel your own personal awakening.

Robert Valentine, publications director of the Wake Up book series, says ”Some readers will find they have already had an inspirational Wake Up Moment, but failed to recognize its significance. One of the chapters in this book could open a door to a treasure of self-realization.”

As you will discover when reading this book, you are not alone in your quest for certainty; for belief in your self, and for trust in the future. Any one of these stories may shine a light on the steps to understanding and self-discovery that will prepare you for a Wake Up Moment that is, even now, waiting in the wings for you.

As co-author of this powerful book, I am privileged to share the stage with such writers as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Matt Bacak, and so many others.

In invite you to join me on the journey to discover your own wake up moment of inspiration.

Order your personally autographed copy from Brenda now, for just $14.95 (plus $7.50 shipping + handling).

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