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The great mission is to make room for the possible as opposed to a passive acquiescence in the present actual state of affairs. It is symbolic thought which overcomes the natural inertia of man and endows him with a new ability, the ability constantly to reshape his human universe.

Excerpted from “An essay on Man”, Ernst Cassirer, 1944 – (page 62)

Brenda J MacMillan ~ Full QuadrantLet’s face it, most people just don’t have one big A-Ha. That moment where everything is muddy or confusing and in a shift of being all becomes clear must be a birth experience in the truest sense of the word. However, I ask us to consider, rather, the idea of multiple mini moments. Like gathering acorns, we have a choice to eat this one, plant that one and nurture its growth and gift some to others, who would appreciate them for the use that would best serve them. Each potentially a tiny snack or an ancient oak tree. Which to water, which to store and which to give away ?

To sort this out I use the word ~ meme. (Rhymes with “team”) This word is used as a way to identify behavioural patterns shared between people. How we act, and whether conscious or not of the choices being made, in that “layered stack of memes” we carry around with us we rub up, off and through one another sharing our patterns, energies and gestures in walk, talk, decisions, discussions and cultural expressions. Memes are units of information replicated as they spread virally from person to person. Each of us has our own particular “meme stack” and most of it is unconscious.

If we develop the ability to quiet down the ‘noise’ of those memes and memories, there can be a poignant mysterious guide discovered, full of trust in the unfolding of the journey, in the moment now. Oh to find that integrity in the willingness to surrender into the moment, rather than forcibly willing situations into being. This may flow over and through us, lifting all up and into our grace of one. This collection of consciousness shared or with a person alone is very powerful.

Consider this though, the thought or belief that adversity must be faced to facilitate growth or change is itself a meme. It’s an idea that is virally alive, packaged and distributed in our western culture. I personally choose not to embrace this virus. Is a tulip more beautiful because it grew around a rock rather than having emerged from the earth directly to the light ?

I have come to witness, both in myself and others that all meme stacks have “spikes” or peak moments in a life lived. From these acorns of idea or chance meetings we create systems of understanding in our psyche and methods to move or act in the world, and travel across the map of our psyche. Yes, this all starts in the mind and how we think about anything. However, to be beneficial we must sort through and become “verbs”, we must act in and upon those thoughts and too, be discerning about the memes we are gathering and utilizing. We make choices, be it to sit still or move.

I am truly grateful that my footprint on the map has been extremely diverse, full to the brim with personal challenge, love, bewilderment and mystery. Those that I’ve bumped into in the journey have all assisted in my reflection of self understanding. None of us do it alone.

The mini moments in my meme collection, as with all of us, began at a young age. A funeral for my then life long friend under the age of six. Even friends die. At age four in a knitting shop I’ve stuffed my jacket with red mohair skeins for later play. The cashier explained I had to pay for them.

Chuck Berry can make Fathers dance in the living room. People assassinate important people (JFK) and Parents weep for Leaders of another Nation they have never met. A Grand Father explains that it was his family that did things to change legislation and bring the right to vote for woman to Canada. There’s good folks in our family. Most surprisingly to me, I came to understand that most woman live lives through permission from and through someone else. This phenomenon continues to astound me today.

Helicopter pilots hang out in the bars across Europe in between tours of duty in Vietnam and we, as humans, kill others in an organized fashion and then toss out those we’ve asked to do the job. I was confused on this one for many years later.

Working in Switzerland as a teenager. There are people that speak, read and write over 10 languages. How fantastic is that !!

In doing contract work for a professional office I discover what appears to be a deliberate side step around a clear and defined law ~ the owner of the office suggests I forget my discovery ~ Objecting to this idea, I get fired. Not everyone has a moral compass. Non obedient woman can be dispensed with. Not ! Yes, I reported him and won my first contrarian to my adult life force. Natural beginnings of Integral Business inquiry and personal empowerment of the client, together with marketing and sales begin and blossom. With a main focus in “how” people think rather than “what” people think, corporately and personally, Blackink, Full Quadrant Inc. and MemeWorks have a birth place and grow.

And grow . . I ask the reader to consider the possibility that there have been many gentle spikes, mini aha’s and moments with soft whispers in our meme collecting. There are those among us that surely have definitive awakening moments that change their lives almost over night. However, don’t pack a bag, no matter the situation, and move into adversity. For the majority I ask, be courteous and tolerant to the quiet, and sometimes noisy accumulation of what we need to mature into that grand oak tree.

Embrace those mini moments and honour yourself in the initiative that all of your movie and memes offer empirical, grounded, real life choice ~ make choices and take responsibility for them. The choice, no matter the situation, is fear based reactionism or a love based leadership response ~ with ourselves, or with others. What would an elder in training do ?

Finally ~ Mind your Meme Stacks and please ferociously read books. One book a week at least and two is better. Yeah, it’s likely so that books are old school in our cyber space world of today; and although I smile in the writing of that, there is just ‘something’ about holding the book in your hands, that small warm intimate friend with a message. Love your work and you’ll always be on holidays. There’s only one heart in the chest and one life, one here and now. No dotted line in between ~ such freedom is there ~ go pick it up.

Healthy Memes and Acorns are all over the place.

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